10 Best 120mm Film Canister Of 2022

Is 120mm film canister what you're looking for? According to expert reviews, we ranked them. Our top picks, along with the best-selling 120mm film canister, are listed below. Have you struggled to find the perfect 120mm film canister? Because we conducted the entire 120mm film canister research process ourselves, we created an exhaustive list of 120mm film canister today. In hours of searching and testing, Featwa.org found 120mm film canister. Below you can find our ranking!

10 120mm film canister Is Endorsed By An Expert

Bestseller No. 1
Ziv FC120-5B 120 Film Storage Canister (5-Rolls)
  • Protect and Organize Film
  • Holds 5 Rolls of Film
  • Protection Against Light Leaks and Dust
Bestseller No. 3
Professional Waterproof Film Carrying and Storing Case | 35mm(7 Rolls) & 120mm(5 Rolls) Photo Film | Light Sealed, Waterproof, Refrigerator Safe NO Film Included (Black)
  • Compatible Film - Compatible with 35mm, 120, 240 film. Kodak, Fujifilm, Ilford Film. ***Film not Included***
  • Light Sealed - 100% LIGHT SEALED and guaranteed to keep your film safe and stable in any environment giving you the most out of every exposure.
  • Ultimate Protection - The new standard film case for every photographer. This case is crushproof and 100% light sealed, making this ideal for storing new and exposed film. Just lock it shut and toss it in your camera bag.
  • IP67 Waterproof - This case is 100% waterproof and moistureproof, making it perfect for storing film on your next adventure or inside your fridge.
  • Quality Made in USA - Evergreen Cases are Made in Southern California and made to Mil-Spec
Bestseller No. 4
120 220 135 Multiformat Film Container Case Storage Box Film Holder for Fuji B&W B/W Color Film (Black)
  • Package: 1x Plastic case and 1x rubber band included. Film not included.
  • Size: Approx. 14x6.2x5.6cm / 5.51x2.44x2.05''.
  • Material: ABS Plastic.
  • Color: Black
  • It is suitable for all 120/220 and 135 film, which can store 10 rolls of 135 film or 8 rolls of 120 film, also can be stored 4 rolls 120/220 and 4 rolls 135 films in any combination. Refer to the illustration.
Bestseller No. 5
120 Film Plastic Storage Box Container Case 10 Rolls Film Camera Kit Darkroom Equipment
  • Material: high quality plastic.
  • Package include: 1x 120 film storage box + 1x rubber band.
  • Design for 120 film storage, it only suitable for 120 film, this box can be stored 10 rolls of 120 film.
Bestseller No. 6
2 Sets 135 35mm to 120 35mm Cassette Accessories 135 Film Cartridge Adapter Canister Converter Panorama Like Xpan Camera for Pentax, Rolleiflex Mamiya Hasselblad Makina Bronica Medium Format Camera
  • Feature: Install the converter on the 135 roll film canister, you can use 135 film in the 120 camera to take wide format pictures (As I showed in the picture). And take twice as many pictures as the original 120 film.  If your camera has film number counter red window function, be sure to cover the red window when using the converter, otherwise light leakage will occur.
  • Compatible with: 120 Medium Format Camera, such as Pentax, Rolleiflex, Mamiya, Hasselblad, Makina, Bronica,etc...
  • Material: Plastic (Plastic material will not damage the camera)
  • Package: 1x empty film rolls and 4pcs/2 pairs converters. (Film and film back are not included)
  • Attentions:  Our converter design is standard, but because different film canisters have different spool size, after installation, there will have 3 situations: too tight, too loose or just right. But it will not have bad affection on its function, because the rotation depends on the spool inside canister. If it is too tight to remove, please try to separate the converter with a key or iron piece. Before remove, please fix the film head to avoid rolled in.
Bestseller No. 7
35mm Film Canisters with Caps (35 Pack) Plastic White Empty Film Canister Case Bulk with Lids Storage Reel Containers for Storing Film, Small Accessories, Beads
  • These Are Film Canisters - Each film roll container is sized to hold 35mm film. Protects camera film from outside elements prior to its use. Easy to store your film.
  • These Are Not Only Film Canisters - These film canister with lids can organize your small items, like craft supplies, slime, art beads, coins, seeds, small batteries, pins, keys. Great option for storing small items securely.
  • Tight Sealing Lid - Tight sealing lids of the plastic film canister can greatly prevent from losing items. As a safe method for storing things, Nothing is gonna leak out with the tight sealing lids. Handy solution for getting everything sorted.
  • Large Amounts - You will get 35 Pack film canister holder, which is made of durable plastic. Non-toxic, odorless, high-impact and strong. Great for science or lab experiments and kids school crafts projects.
  • Portable Size - Size of the white reel containers with lids. Outside Diameter: 33mm/1.3inch; Inner Diameter: 30mm/1.2inch; Height: 54mm/2.1inch. Super convenient for carrying out.
Bestseller No. 8
Kodak Portra 400 Professional ISO 400, 120mm, Color Negative Film (1 Roll) 2-Pack
  • Beautiful, natural skin tones and superb color reproduction.
Bestseller No. 9
30 Pieces Plastic Film Canister Holder, 35 mm Empty Camera Reel Containers, Storage Containers Case with Lids for Storing Small Accessories, Film, Keys, Coins, Art Beads (White)
  • Portable size: cylinder white plastic containers, outside diameter: 33 mm/ 1.3 inch, inner diameter: 30 mm/ 1.2 inch, height: 54 mm/ 2.1 inch, please refer to the product picture for the detailed size
  • Reliable quality: durable high-impact plastic case, non-toxic, odorless, and reusable container, small but reliable, good tightness
  • Widely application: organize your fragmentary items, such as sewing supplies, first aid materials, films, small batteries, pins, coins, needles, art beads, keys, etc.
  • Easy to use: tight sealing lids to prevent from losing items, they can easily be applied as a safe method of storing things, you can put them into pockets, purses, bags, drawers and other compartments
  • Package includes: 30 pieces white film canister, popular for their use as containers for science or lab experiments, kids school projects, or other small item storage
Bestseller No. 10
HODA Darkroom Film Changing Bag Antistatic Camera Dark Room White Film Developing Tank Accessories - Extra Large Version
  • Extra Large in portable size, opened size: 23.6" x 23.6", accommodate large developing tanks and accessories.
  • High density cloth fabric, elastic cuffs, 100% light-proof, no worries to remove developing tank.
  • Built-in Zipper, nice construction to secure changing and loading in full daylight for loading.
  • 100% Brand new, made by high quality antistatic breathable fabric.
  • Film Changing Bag for white film photography, durable and easy to wipe clean.

Considerations to make before buying 120mm film canister – How to buy the best

What is your ideal 120mm film canister? Since your quest led you here, you're in the right place. We will thank you when you no longer have to search through thousands of articles online to find the perfect product.

It is not difficult to choose a product from the many options available. This post was edited for both its upsides and downsides throughout the editing process. How do you anticipate the new year? Let's see!

What are the benefits of using an online store?

You might notice an eerie similarity when searching for product reviews. Most of them are from online retailers. Have you ever wondered why so many people shop online?

Everybody seeks easier solutions in the digital age. Therefore, in the future you will be able to buy any goods, such as 120mm film canister, through the internet. Easily buy and cancel things wherever you are.

Shop at multiple online retailers for the same product to discover multiple brands. Comparison shopping is also available at these sites. You can easily navigate through product pages and make informed purchasing choices.

The good news is that you can find some wonderful deals at an affordable price right at your fingertips. Can you think of anything better?

Online shopping considerations for 120mm film canister

Are you looking for 120mm film canister? You need to think about shopping online. We have prepared a list of key questions that can assist you with your answers.

Answering the questions is simple. If you choose to purchase 120mm film canister, you can do your own research. Here are some questions that may also be of interest:

  • How much does 120mm film canister cost?
  • What are the benefits to you specifically?
  • Would the 120mm film canister product have any novel features?
  • What makes 120mm film canister stand out from the competition?
  • Is 120mm film canister covered by a warranty?
  • Can there be any long-term disadvantages?
  • How do you plan to gain enough knowledge about 120mm film canister?
  • Where can I find the best 120mm film canister?

There are probably more questions on the list than those on the list. If you are inquisitive, you will find the answers. Conduct research and then conduct more research.

There are other advantages to purchasing products from online stores

The advantages of online shopping are numerous. The following are a few reasons to purchase 120mm film canister from an online store. Among the top benefits are:

The best prices

Online shopping offers things at highly competitive prices, which is the best part of it. As a result, these retailers are able to offer the best discounts because they have strong relationships with many suppliers and manufacturers. They are also able to cut expenses by eliminating intermediaries.


From the comfort of your home, you can compare the same products on multiple websites at the same time. After comparing the ratings, you may decide which product to purchase. By doing so, you may obtain a higher level of quality.


By displaying consumer feedback, online retailers become more trustworthy. Fixing a flaw is an option when you encounter one.

A shop's exceptional customer service may entice you to buy from them.

There is a large variety

A large number of people shop online. A large number of people shop online every day. An increasing number of people are shopping online due to the epidemic.

Describe how this will benefit you.

There are many products available for you to choose from. Changing to another model is always an option if one does not meet your needs.


Easy-to-do things appeal to everyone, don't they? The idea of having everything go exactly as you want is delightful. Online shopping is a good example. The time, the place, or the number of people doesn't matter.

Everything happens when and how you want it to.

How to Choose Your 120mm film canister

An item such as the 120mm film canister can be acquired with the aid of a buying guide. Considerations should be made before making a purchase. Among them are:


Considering the price is the first step to getting a good deal. Make sure you compare the prices offered by different suppliers.


It is important to consider the brand when purchasing 120mm film canister. To make the best decision, be aware of the differences between brands.


120mm film canister's guarantee must also be considered. It isn't worth spending money on a product that won't last more than a month!


When you receive your 120mm film canister, make sure it works properly. Simply look at the specifications.

Specifications make your product more functional.


It is important to know your 120mm film canister's dimensions and size. If misaligned, it is useless. This is why it's important to know the size of the product before ordering.


Consider the case where you purchase a 120mm film canister whose color does not fit your preferences. It will be a waste of money.

You should therefore keep track of your color choices. Then, find out if they are available in the online shop.

Reviews from Old Customers

Most savvy buyers would do this. Checking the legitimacy of the product is wise.

You can find product reviews on the website by scrolling down. By reading them, you can make an informed choice about the brand you want.

Final Thoughts

Featwa has completed the 120mm film canister product. Consult our buying guide for more information. For the best price, stay with it.

Perform a self-analysis to learn about the 120mm film canister. Try it out and let us know if we were helpful or not!

Congratulations on your purchase!


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