10 Best 2017 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Air Filter Replacement Of 2022

Would you mind letting me know where you can find 2017 hyundai santa fe sport air filter replacement? We ranked them according to their reviews. Below are the most popular 2017 hyundai santa fe sport air filter replacement in addition to our top picks. Are you having trouble finding the right 2017 hyundai santa fe sport air filter replacement? The problem can be understood well by us because of our experience with 2017 hyundai santa fe sport air filter replacement research. The Featwa.org team spent hours searching and testing hundreds of models in order to find 2017 hyundai santa fe sport air filter replacement. Here is our ranking!

10 2017 hyundai santa fe sport air filter replacement : Our Recommendations

Bestseller No. 1
Bosch Automotive 6057C HEPA Cabin Air Filter for Chevrolet: Captiva Sport, Equinox; GMC Terrain; Hyundai: Azera, Santa Fe, Santa Fe Sport, Santa Fe XL, Sonata; Kia: Cadenza Optima, Kia Sedona, Saturn Vue
  • High Efficiency Particulate Cabin Air Filters Are Designed To Trap Microscopic Pollutants Including Pollen, Mold And Common Allergens
  • Without Adding Formulated Chemical Odor Neutralizer, Bosch Hepa Cabin Filters Provide True Clean Air To Enhance Respiratory Health
  • Melt-Blown Electrostatic Layer And Very Dense Media Provides Greater Trapping Capabilities; Additional Static Cotton Layer Added To Hepa Media To Provide High Capacity In Holding Small Particulates
  • Structural Ribs Added To Provide Increase Stability Of Filter; Product Comes With Multi Colors (Blue And White)
Bestseller No. 2
FRAM Extra Guard Engine Air Filter Replacement, Easy Install w/ Advanced Engine Protection and Optimal Performance for Select Hyundai and Kia Vehicles, CA11943
  • VEHICLE APPLICATIONS: Hyundai (2020-2022 Palisade 3.8L, 2019-2020 Santa Fe 2.0L, 2019-2020 Santa Fe 2.4L, 2017-2018 Santa Fe Sport 2.4L) and Kia (2015-2021 Sedona 3.3L, 2016-2018 Sorento 2.0L, 2016-2020 Sorento 2.4L & 3.3L, 2020-2022 Telluride 3.8L)
  • FILTER CROSS REFERENCES: Hyundai 28113-A9100; Kia 28113-A9100; Purolator A39155
  • EASY INSTALLATION: A seamless DIY replacement that can be completed in minutes. Remove your old filter, replace with FRAM engine filter ensuring it is sealed around the perimeter, replace cover and fasten
  • This FRAM engine air filter is designed to help prevent damaging particles from entering your vehicles engine and causing increased engine wear
  • This FRAM car air filter will protect your vehicle for up to 12 months or 12,000 miles
Bestseller No. 3
EPAuto GP943 (CA11943) Replacement for Hyundai / Kia Rigid Panel Air Filter for Santa Fe Sport (2017-2018), Sedona(2015-2021),Sorento(2016-2020),Palisade(2020-2022), Telluride(2020-2022)
  • Helps extend performance. Protect against dirt
  • Improve fuel mileage, Recommended replacement every 12,000 miles
  • Replacement for Fram CA11943, Replacement for Hyundai / Kia Genuine Part# 28113-A9100
  • Compatible Auto Models: Hyundai Santa Fe Sport (2017-2018), Hyundai Santa Fe (2019-2020), Palisade (2020-2022); Kia Sedona (2015-2021), Kia Sorento (2016-2020), Telluride (2020-2022)
  • Companion Cabin Air Filter: CP819 (CF11819)
Bestseller No. 4
PHILTOP Cabin Air Filter, Replacement for CF11819, Sonata 2011-2014, Optima 2011-2015, Equinox 2010-2017, Santa Fe (Sport/XL), Terrain, Vue, Sedona, Captiva Sport, Premium Cabin Filter with Activated Carbon Filter
  • Triple Efficiency Filtration: PHILTOP cabin air filters are comprised of three layers that provide up to 99% filtration, which helps to keep dust, soot, pollen, mold and other airborne contaminants from entering the vehicle
  • Enjoy Fresh Air: Activated carbon cabin air filter quickly adsorbs unpleasant odors from outside the ventilation system, provides a more comfortable interior environment for the driver and passengers without adding chemical odor neutralizer
  • Increased Air Flow: PHILTOP cabin filter provides more air flow to enhances HVAC performance, improves on-board air conditioning heating and cooling efficiency, and effectively prevents musty odors forming inside the vehicle
  • Compatible Auto List: Replacement for Sonata(2011-2014), Optima(2011-2015), Equinox(2010-2017), Santa Fe(2013-2018), Santa Fe Sport(2013-2018),Santa Fe XL(2013-2019), Terrain(2010-2017),Vue(2008-2010), Sedona(2011, 2012, 2014-2021),Captiva Sport(2012-2015), Cadenza(2014-2016), Azera(2012-2017)
  • Replacement Suggestion: To ensure that the air conditioning filter provides you with clean air, recommended replacement 12,000 miles or as specified by the vehicle manufacturer. Please enter your vehicle's year/make/model to check the fitment
Bestseller No. 5
EPAuto CP819 (CF11819) Replacement for Hyundai/Chevrolet/GMC/KIA/Saturn Premium Cabin Air Filter includes Activated Carbon
  • Clean air for driver and passengers. Contains soda and carbon to generate fresh breeze air
  • Enhanced HVAC performance, Recommended replacement every 12 months or 12,000 miles.
  • Replacement for FRAM CF11819, Replacement for Hyundai / Kia / General Motors Genuine part # 3SF79-AQ000, 97133-3SAA0, 2TF79-AQ000, 3RF79-AQ000, 4DF79-AQ000, 97133-3SAA0, 97133-A9000, A9C79-AC000, 19130294, 20901295
  • Hyundai Compatible Auto Models: Azera (2012-2017), Santa Fe (2013-2018), Santa Fe Sport (2013-2018), Santa Fe XL (2013-2019), Sonata (2011-2014)
  • Chevrolet Captiva Sport (2012-2015), Chevrolet Equinox (2010-2017); Kia Cadenza (2014-2016), Kia Optima (2011-2015), Kia Sedona (2011-2021), GMC Terrain (2010-2017), Saturn Vue (2008-2010)
SaleBestseller No. 6
Spearhead Premium Breathe Easy Cabin Filter, Up to 25% Longer Life w/Activated Carbon (BE-819)
  • Up to 25% Longer Life: Precision woven and infused with real coconut shell activated carbon, our Breathe Easy cabin air filters are engineered to last up to 15,000 miles, 25% longer than the standard performance of 12,000 miles
  • 2X Heavier vs. Standard Cabin Filters: We use thick, industrial strength electrostatic media to attract even the tiniest of particles while densely packed activated carbon prevents gases and odors from entering the cabin; use the comparison chart found in the product images to see how much filtration power you’re giving up by purchasing generic cabin filters with or without activated carbon
  • Enjoy Crisp, Clean Countryside Air: Road debris, exhaust fumes, nasty odors and common irritants must fight through multiple layers of protection before reaching your vehicle’s cabin: (1) Dust Filter (2) Anti-Inflammatory Filter (3) Adsorption Filter (4) Coconut Shell Activated Carbon Weave Filter
  • Do it Yourself: Replacement for Captiva Sport (12-15), Equinox (10-17), Terrain (10-17), Azera (12-17), Santa Fe (13-18), Santa Fe Sport (13-18), Santa Fe XL (2019), Sonata (11-14) Does not fit 2010 Sonata, Cadenza (14-16), Optima (11-15), Sedona (11-21), Vue (08-10), make sure to enter your year, make and model above to check fitment; the cabin filter is an easy replacement that can save you money at the repair shop; installation manual included w/every order
  • Better Filter than Your Last One: We know it’s hard to choose from so many different brands carrying the same product; we make it easier for our customers to decide with a simple promise
Bestseller No. 7
2 Pack White FD819 Cabin Air Filter Replacement for CF11819, CP819
  • Replacement for CF11819,CP819,3SF79-AQ000, 97133-3SAA0
  • Compatible with CAPTIVA SPORT (2012-2015), EQUINOX (2010-2017), TERRAIN (2010-2017),Azera (2012-2017),Santa Fe (2012-2018), Santa Fe Sport (2013-2018),Santa Fe XL (2013-2019),Sonata Gas (2011-2014), Sonata Hybrid (2011-2015), Kia Cadenza (2014-2016),Optima (2011-2015),Sedona (2011-2021) , Vue (2008-2010)
  • Recommended replacement every 12 months or 12,000 miles
  • Enter your Year, Make and Model above using Amazon’s ‘My Garage’ tool to see if the filter fit your car.
  • Easy Installation: Exact size match for the OEM cabin filter. Easy to install within 5-8 minutes. Please read air flow arrow on the side before installation.
Bestseller No. 8
K&N Engine Air Filter: High Performance, Premium, Washable, Replacement Filter: Compatible with 2015-20 KIA Sorento, 2020 KIA Telluride, 2017-18 HYUNDAI Sante Fe Sport, 2020 HYUNDAI Palisade 33-5075
  • ULTIMATE LONGEVITY: 10-Year/Million Mile Limited Warranty protects for the life of your vehicle.
  • ENGINEERED POWER: State-of-the-art filtration media provides up to 50% more airflow than disposable paper filters to increase power and acceleration. Clogged or dirty air filters can reduce your vehicle’s acceleration by up to 10%.
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Pre-oiled and ready to drop into your factory air box. One of the easiest and most cost-effective upgrades for your vehicle for quick performance gains.
  • SAVES MONEY: K&N high-flow replacement air filters will save you $250 over 10 years by avoiding disposable filters.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY: Using a washable, reusable product helps reduce replacement waste. A K&N filter will last longer than 10 disposable filters.
Bestseller No. 9
PHILTOP Engine Air Filter, EAF045 (CA11943) Replacement for Sedona (2015-2021), Santa Fe Sport (2017-2018)
  • Upgrade Performance: The PHILTOP Car Engine Air Filter provides clean air to your engine to prevent dust and impurities from entering the engine and affecting combustion efficiency. Say goodbye to delayed acceleration and less than average gas mileage
  • Outstanding Filtration: The filter media is made of High-performance cellulose filter media, which can well absorb dust and debris in the air, and the multi-filter paper pleat design allows the air flow to be unaffected even when the filter is dirty
  • 30% Longer Life: Thanks to the large-capacity filter technology, more dust and debris can be captured, which means that the PHILTOP air filter can last longer and avoid frequent replacement under normal driving conditions
  • Install in 5 mins: OE-design for install directly. No special tools and modifications required. Install it yourself instead of going to the dealer, save a lot of labor costs
  • Note: Make sure that the filter matches your vehicle before buying and we recommend changing your air filter every 10000-12000 miles, or 5000-6000 miles if always driving in dusty or damp conditions
SaleBestseller No. 10
Spearhead Max Thrust Performance Engine Air Filter For All Mileage Vehicles - Increases Power & Improves Acceleration (MT-943)
  • Experience an Obvious Difference: Whether you are noticing a delay in acceleration, less than average gas mileage or own a higher mileage vehicle, our Max Thrust engine air filters will provide a clear and cost effective upgrade over stock performance
  • Trap 2X Dirt vs. Standard Air Filters: Our unique Hex-D pleat design creates maximum holding capacity for trapping unwanted dirt and debris without compromising airflow like standard air filters thanks to multiple layers of progressively finer filter media that allows air to flow freely even when the filter is dirty
  • Increased Power and Mileage up to 15K Miles: Deficient airflow can cause your engine to work twice as hard to suck in the minimum amount of air it needs to perform regularly, resulting in poorer gas mileage and lower power efficiency; Max Thrust air filters are designed to give your engine a break by delivering as much clean air as it needs to perform optimally up to 15K miles
  • Do It Yourself: Replacement for Palisade (2020-2021), Santa Fe (2019-2020), Santa Fe Sport (2017-2018), Sedona (2015-2021), Sorento (2016-2020), Telluride (2020-2021), make sure to enter your year, make and model above to check fitment; the engine air filter is an easy replacement that can save you money at the repair shop
  • Better Filter than Your Last One: We know it’s hard to choose from so many different brands carrying the same product; we make it easier for our customers to decide with a simple promise

How to Buy the Best 2017 hyundai santa fe sport air filter replacement – Considerations Before You Buy

How can 2017 hyundai santa fe sport air filter replacement meet your requirements? There is no need to look elsewhere. When there are so many options on the market, it can be difficult to make the right decision.

The following post will help you find the best 2017 hyundai santa fe sport air filter replacement. We have taken into account the various needs and desires of each customer category to help you choose the right product. No worries!

A Buyer's Guide to 2017 hyundai santa fe sport air filter replacement: Our Advice

Be sure to properly educate yourself before investing your hard-earned money in a product. Our team has compiled a list of factors to consider before purchasing a 2017 hyundai santa fe sport air filter replacement.

Before buying a 2017 hyundai santa fe sport air filter replacement, you may want to consider the following:

  1. How does 2017 hyundai santa fe sport air filter replacement compare to its competitors in terms of reputation?
  2. Are they easy to repair or service if there is a problem?
  3. What makes 2017 hyundai santa fe sport air filter replacement different from other products?
  4. What makes 2017 hyundai santa fe sport air filter replacement unique? Are these features important to you?
  5. What is the impact of 2017 hyundai santa fe sport air filter replacement's advantage and disadvantage on your experience?
  6. Is it possible to acquire 2017 hyundai santa fe sport air filter replacement and maintain or repair it if necessary?

These questions should be asked before you buy a product. Keep in mind that you may have additional concerns and questions.

The factors we consider important have only been mentioned briefly. Many of your questions can be answered by doing some research online or even visiting the store.

Online marketplaces: why they're a good idea

When it comes to purchasing a new product, you'll have a lot of options in 2022. A variety of options are available, including traditional merchants, department stores, and internet marketplaces. When purchasing your next item, you should seriously consider online marketplaces.

Using online platforms provides you with features designed to improve your overall shopping experience. Shop from home for the best prices at this well-known and respected website.

Buying something online is easy and convenient. We don't always have time to visit a real store. 2017 hyundai santa fe sport air filter replacement can be purchased from an internet store while you are at work.

As you probably already know, online platforms have several advantages over physical ones. Here are just a few:


The best deals on the market are often found on online marketplaces. There are many retailers that offer 2017 hyundai santa fe sport air filter replacement. Online platforms can, on the other hand, often undercut rival physical stores because of their extensive dealer and supplier networks.

Around holidays such as Black Friday, online platforms often offer discounts and promotions. These deals cannot be found anywhere else.


If you don't check the product personally, one of your main concerns is the quality of the product in an online shop. In this case, you cannot inspect the product before purchasing, so you must rely on the website.

The warranty and quick replacement of many items on online marketplaces, including 2017 hyundai santa fe sport air filter replacement, are available. You are able to enjoy all the benefits of a store's warranty from the comfort of your own home.

There are no costs associated with their products if you have a problem. In a very short period of time, a replacement product can be obtained. This type of guarantee simplifies online shopping.

Due to this reason, online shopping has become less popular.


Online platforms and product choice are both growing rapidly around the world. As the use of online platforms increases, more firms are selling their products online.

They have well-organized product categories and offer a wide assortment of items. This makes finding what you need easy. The software can even recommend products to you. Some of the products include 2017 hyundai santa fe sport air filter replacement.

The more choices you have, the easier it is to evaluate your preferences and choices. Prior to making a purchase there are several options available. It is rare to find more than a few brands at most physical stores.


Reading reviews from actual users may be quite beneficial to you. The product description is often silent on potential defects or drawbacks.

Consumers who have used the product can provide honest and impartial reviews to potential buyers. Make an unprejudiced decision based on the real-world experiences of users of the product you're considering.


There are an enormous number of fantastic options available on the market, making it difficult to find the right product. It can be tricky to pick the perfect product. By using this buying guide, you can determine which 2017 hyundai santa fe sport air filter replacement will best suit your needs.

It is also important to choose the right location to acquire the right goods. Online platforms have many advantages, and we have discussed them in depth. As a result of this post, we hope you will be able to make the best buying decisions in the future.


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