10 Best Universal Turntable Dust Cover 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Are you interested in learning more about universal turntable dust cover? Based on expert reviews, rankings were determined. Here is a list of the top picks and the most-sold universal turntable dust cover for the past few weeks. Have you been having trouble finding the right universal turntable dust cover?

It is our intention to cover all the universal turntable dust cover products available to the public today, and to create a comprehensive list of these products. Following the development of universal turntable dust cover, Featwa.org researched and tested all competing products.

Take a look at our ranking!

10 Best universal turntable dust cover 2022 : Our Recommendations

Bestseller No. 1
Universal Design Turntable Dust Cover
  • Make your turntable look great again
  • Protects your turntable and tonearm
  • Universal design; fits almost every turntable (among others: Thorens, Dual, Marantz, Transrotor, Technics, House of Marley, Linn, JVC, Lenco, Pioneer, Numark, Pro-Ject, Sansui, VPI, TW Acustic, Avorio)
  • Modern design, fits your interior
  • 30-Day money back guarantee!
Bestseller No. 2
CLABBY ROUND LAKE Turntable Dust Cover, Waterproof Vinyl Player Protector, Premium Black 600D Polyester, Fits Technics SL1200, SL1210 and Pioneer PLX1000, Complete with 2 Vinyl Record Sleeves
  • Constructed from durable, sturdy and premium quality semi-rigid 600D polyester, the turntable cover has an added PVC lining to reinforce the product and provide additional waterproofing, strength and stability
  • Completely foldable and easy to store when not in use. At only 0.25 kgs, the cover is lightweight and ensures that there is no pressure placed on your turntable while it is covered extending the lifespan of your player and its components
  • The cover has an economical open bottom, making it easy to slip over, and cover your turntable. It measures 18" x 14" x 3.3" (45.7 x 35.6 x 8.5cms) and is compatible to cover many makes and styles of vinyl players
  • The cover protects your player from moisture, dust, lint, pet hair and any other unwanted dirt
  • 2 clear, round bottom, vinyl record sleeves complete the offer to protect your 12" (30.5 cm) vinyl records
Bestseller No. 3
IMPROVWISE Premium Turntable Cover -Vinyl Record Player Protector with 2 Finger Pull Tabs -Fits Technics SL1200 SL1210 and Pioneer PLX1000 -Complete with Anti-Static Record Brush and Microfiber Cloth
  • Premium quality jet-black foldable turntable protector that preserves the life of your record player; protects against moisture, dust, spills, and scratches for longer-lasting use; may be used with some plastic dust covers for double protection
  • Heavy-duty cover with an open bottom that slips effortlessly over the top of your turntable; has 2 carefully crafted finger pull tabs at the back for quick and easy removal; Created with a woven label for a clean and sleek look, you can easily fold and store your cover when not in use
  • Smartly designed water-resistant 600D polyester cloth with PVC lining that filters dust and dirt away from your precious turntable; fabric sewn with high-quality thread for superior strength and durability
  • Put together with you in mind, this complete offer comes with a microfiber cloth for fingerprint oil removal PLUS the anti-static, dust remover vinyl record brush that helps dissipate static to maintain the sound quality of your 7” and 12” records; Effectively increase the service time of your cartridge and improve your listening experience by getting this complete and exclusive package.
  • Your durable black dust cover can protect a variety of turntable sizes up to 18" x 14" x 7" (Technics SL-1200 (MK2 / MK3 / M3D / MK5 / MK7 / G / GR / GAE), Technics SL-1210 (MK2 / M3D / MK5 / MK7 / GR / GAE), SL-1300, SL-1500C, Pioneer PLX-500 and PLX-1000, Audio Technica AT-LP140XP, Audio Technica AT-LP1240-USBXP and AT-LP5X, Numark NTX1000, and Stanton T.92 M2 USB. Please check your turntable manufacturer's manual for dimensions.)
Bestseller No. 4
Vintage Technics Turntable Dust Cover - SL-Q300 /SL-B200 /SL-B250 /SL-B260 /SL-BD20 /SL-BD22 /SL-BD27 /SL-BD35 /SLD-20 /SL-PC11 /SL-QD33 + Others by DigitalDeckCovers
  • PROTECTS your turntable against dust, spills, scratches, water, and other contaminants
  • DURABLE, LONG LASTING FABRIC. Our thick 600D nylon with PVC lining will never let dust reach your equipment, and is easy to wipe clean. Unlike other covers, we don’t use cotton twill fabrics which allow dust particles to fall in-between the woven fibers, and we don’t use translucent vinyl that will discolor, dry out, and melt when exposed to heat or light.
  • EASY TO USE, STORE & CLEAN: Can easily be folded and stored when not in use, and cleaning is as easy as a wipe down with a damp cloth
  • SIZED FOR MANY VINTAGE TURNTABLE MODELS. With a size of WxDxH = 17x15x4, it fits many older Technics models, as well as PIONEER PL-670 & THORENS TD124. Check your turntable to see!
  • HAND MADE IN THE U.S.A. DigitalDeckCovers Dust Covers have always been 100% designed and sewn in Denver, Colorado. We have sold over 90,000 dust covers (and counting)
Bestseller No. 5
Turntable Dust Cover for Numark TTUSB / TT1610 / TT1625 / TT200 / TT500; Stanton TT200 / STR8-100 / STR8-90 / STR8-80 / STR8-30 / STR8-20; Ion ITTUSB Record Player Protector Case by DigitalDeckCovers
  • PROTECTS your turntable against dust, spills, scratches, water, and other contaminants
  • Made from STRONG, HEAVY DUTY 600D water resistent black nylon with PVC vinyl backing inside
  • STURDY and DURABLE: machine sewn with heavy duty thread & double hemmed to never fray or come apart
  • EASY TO STORE & USE: Has an open bottom & slips over the top of your turntable, but easily folded and stored when not in use
  • LONG LASTING -- high quality but still affordable
Bestseller No. 6
Reloop Dust Cover for RP7000 and RP 8000 Turntables
  • Dust cover for Reloop's RP7000 and RP8000 turntables
  • Constructed of molded polycarbonate
  • Spring-loaded hinges
  • Protects from dust, dirt and other elements
Bestseller No. 8
Pro-Ject: Cover It E (Fits Elemental Turntable)
5 Reviews
Pro-Ject: Cover It E (Fits Elemental Turntable)
  • fits Pro-Ject Elemental Turntable
Bestseller No. 9
TEAC Genuine OEM Dust Cover for All TN-Series Turntables
  • Replacement dust cover for the TEAC TN-100, TN-180, TN-200, TN-280, TN-300, TN-350, TN-400, TN-420, TN-550, TN-570 Turntables
Bestseller No. 10
Beat Breakerz - Double Quilted Turntable Dust Cover Black, Fits Technics SL1200/SL1210 Pioneer PLX 1000 & More!…
  • Prevent unwanted dust and debris form getting on your turntable. This cover is made from lightweight double quilted polyester fabric. Cover is intended to be used over your turntables existing hard cover.
  • Perfect fit for all Technic SL-1200 / SL-1210 models, Pioneer PLX, Reloop and more. Please check sizing for compatibility with your turntable.
  • Easy foldable storage when not in use. Comes in multiple colors!
  • No exterior logos. Woven inner tag for a clean classy look!
  • Fabric will not damage your existing hard cover.

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